Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Entertainment Tonight Code

Today, as I was channel surfing (sent home early from work - again. Clearly, work isn't working for me. I think I'm going to have to marry rich), I saw an entertainment faux-newsperson promoting The DaVinci Code.

With the kind of sincerity that shows off a whitened smile and a fake tan, I believe she said, "It's one of the most anticipated films this May."

Finally some honesty. "There are a lot of films coming out this summer, and this happens to be one of the many that we've been looking forward to over-hyping."


michael lewis said...

"...this May."


What else comes out this May? Not much, last time I checked.

pastor mike said...

the other over-hyped film this May is....

pastor mike said...

we have moved beyond hyping films to over-hyping
hyping isn't good enough anymore!

nadine said...

hype is so last decade.

part of me wants to believe the theory that tom cruise doesn't have a baby. it was a prosthetic belly and a nine-month mi:iii promo.

SSS said...

X-Men 3 is probably going to get a wee bit of hype as well.
Or over-hype.
I'm confused.

nadine said...

Don't forget the Pirates sequel. Or the new Superman movie.

I know that "over-hype" is technically not a word, but "hype" is just not a big enough word to describe today's movie promotions.

Hype was Brokeback Mountain. Jay Leno made fun of it, actors did the promo tour, Heath Ledger got a baby out of the experience.

Over-hype is coordinating a birth with the premiere of a movie that has been promo'd for about a year now, starring someone who had to fire his manager so he could spaz out and force us all to give up jumping on couches FOREVER. Every entertainment news program features it like it's the biggest news story of the decade. And the reviews haven't even come out yet.

The Da Vinci Code, same story. Except I wouldn't be afraid to invite Tom Hanks to dinner. At least its success will be slightly related to literacy.

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