Thursday, May 25, 2006

9 to 5

Today, I worked for 10 hours straight. I was subtitling a behind-the-scenes documentary for a musical that will only be available on the Korean DVD. I don't speak Korean. Nor do I type it. But someone out there does, and they need my English to translate.

I'm not sure why I work long days. I think if I was being paid about six times what I'm making, the idea of overtime would be more appealing. I think that's why rich people are workaholics. It's more tempting to work more when you're raking in the dough. When you're just getting by, a few more hours is only a few more dollars. So, in trying to prevent workaholism from getting a hold on me and subsequently hurting future relationships and my ability to have a life, I really should work less.

Oh, and Ben Mulroney grosses about $400,000 a year. - Toronto Life Magazine
He spends half of it on hair gel. - Me


michael lewis said...

But if it's a Korean DVD, why are you sub titling the English, and who is doing the Korean?

nadine said...

For some reason, they translate from the English subtitles, not the English video. All the grammar, punctuation and research has been done, and all they need to do is a direct translation. I've already established the timecodes, so they don't need to worry about timing either. In the end, the English team seems to do more than the translators.