Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Life is Worth Something

A follow-up to my "Blonde Moment of the Month" post.

After having signed my birthdate instead of the real date on my life insurance application, things are now sorted out. I have been approved. My life is worth something. Not a whole lot, mind you, but enough to have me properly buried (that's really all I need the insurance for).

I would like my coffin to be lined with flannel. In case you were wondering.


michael lewis said...

You should go for the bio urn.

Your ashes are put into a biodegradable container along with a tree seed. Then your ashes are the fertiliser for the new life of the tree.

And then your spirit will haunt anyone who stops in your shade.

pastor mike said...

those bio urns look a lot like a starbucks
or is that st arbucks cup.

nadine said...

As a tea drinker, it would be more appropriate to use a teapot as a urn than a Starbucks cup...