Thursday, May 25, 2006

Television Oddities

It's May sweeps. Everyone wants ratings. Things are going crazy:

1. Mischa Barton being killed off on The O.C.

Yes, this was the only reason I watched the episode (the rumours of her demise appealed to my sense of creative justice. Adolescent whining does not a force of talent make). Her lifeless body is carried her down a dark road by her ex-boyfriend to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." Maybe the producers feel the same way I do: Hallelujah, she's dead.

2. David Hasselhoff crying at the American Idol finale.

Why? Oh, I remember. Because your big concert special was overshadowed by the O.J. Bronco chase a decade ago and your music career never really recovered. Or never really began. I'm usually moved when men cry. I laughed. And didn't feel guilty.

3. The ABC promo.

"One" by U2 is one of the greatest songs ever written. I don't say that lightly. It's gorgeous. Mary J. Blige didn't completely butcher it in her recent cover either. But while I'm on the topic of butchering, they used "One" to promote (excuse me while I projectile vomit) Desperate Housewives and the rest of the ABC lineup. If Bono was dead, he'd roll over in his grave. Since he's not, he'll just have to keep being cooler than everyone else on the planet. No one will remember those skinny Botoxed broads in 5 years anyway.


michael lewis said...

I feel bad for Leonard.

If his manager/agent hadn't stolen all his money, he wouldn't be reduced to having his music play on stupid american television programs.

But what was Bono thinking? Who owns the rights to One?

nadine said...

It was the Mary J. Blige cover. So there must be some loophole that gives her the rights to her version. And clearly she does not consider the song as sacred as I do.