Friday, May 12, 2006

You Know You're Boring When....

Today I went to the mall. I should have bought shoes, I suppose, but I'm not very good at spending money on the frivolity that is footwear. I saw a tabloid photo of Nicole Richie walking down the street in barefeet, and since she's considered a trendsetter, I'm considering showing up for work sans soles.

Douglas Coupland has a new book out. I happen to love Douglas Coupland (in the platonic-literary-crush, his-books-are-brilliant kind of way). But I don't love spending money. Again, no purchase for me.

Instead, I was trying to find a jeweler who would repair my $25 necklace. The first jeweler looked at it, shook his head, and said, "I'm sorry, I only have a silver clasp. It will cost you $15."

The next man said, "No problem. I have a silver clasp for you. It's only $7."

Yep, I'm at the stage in life where I actually compare estimates and shop around.

I then headed to the grocery store, bought a pre-made salad there instead of at the food court, and headed home, reading my library book on the bus.


michael lewis said...

I have read all of Coupland's novels, and his two pho-documentaries on Canada.

But I skipped G-F in a Coma. I just couldn't get in to it.

However, I am quite looking forward to JPod. And though it is $23 or so, it is well over 500 pages!!! Totally worth the book buying loonie.

Attendez! Ce livre est $34.95 à la magasin! Seulement $23.41 à Merde!

Allons-y à la bibliothèque!

michael lewis said...

I have added myself to the list at the library. I'm 4 of 4.

But it's still "on order". Which means they don't have it yet!!

I may have to just break down and purchase it! (Why not, I own most of Coupland's other books.)

Brahm said...

i own none of Couplands books... however i have read many pages of them in the bookstore, lusting after them, if you will. i plan to buy a few for some summer entertainment. a friend of mine told me that Coupland is the type of author who can take a literary snapshot of a culture at a particular point of that culture's history. any thoughts? and is there any book in particular that i should start with?

nadine said...

Honestly, I love them all. "Hey Nostradamus!" is one of my personal faves (and the one that most pointedly explores God issues), as is the offbeat "All Families Are Psychotic." I could probably list most of them here. I think I began reading his stuff by just going to a library and taking out whatever was available.

They're all great. Let me know what you think of his stuff when you read some.

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