Friday, June 26, 2009

The Blog Without Nadine

Nadine is in Stratford-recovery mode. So I, the blog, am choosing to seize the moment and spew her half-written, discarded and almost-deleted thoughts into cyberspace.

Stolen from her draft folder, email archives and the like, I present to you the Real Nadine:


Today I typed the word "panties." And then my fingers almost went on strike. Seriously awful word.


Ever wonder if there are Gmail elves who read your messages to friends?

Who You Gonna Call?

If I were a superhero, I'd be SuperVague. And no one would ever have any idea what I was talking about. 


"I would totally make out with my gynecologist."

~Best out-of-context quote ever.


Maybe I should record an album of Nickelback covers.

Legislated Nostalgia

There are days when I catch myself almost nostalgically crushing on Dave Grohl. Because of Nirvana. And Nevermind. And when I hear "Smells Like Teen Spirit," I think of deodorant, gunshot wounds, Moulin Rouge and a collage of media images: fans carving Cobain's initials into their arms, weeping uncontrollably.

I don't know if Kurt and I would have been friends.

Do Not Send

I should be studying right now. I have a final examination tomorrow and my attendance for the particular class hasn't exactly been exemplary. Unfortunately, my brain is actively rebelling against all forms of theatrical theory, and I find myself sitting here, pen in hand, unable to think of anything but you.

This has to stop.

~Unsent letter. University.


I tried to find an ugly person once. I was in a really dark place emotionally, and felt invisible and hideous and all those things that are complete LIES. So I started people-watching. And I noticed that there are no ugly people. None. And since I'm not the exception to the rule, I must be beautiful too.


Decaffeinated coffee is kind of like kissing your sister.

~Bob Irwin


FRIEND: What if you had two options: You could have the future you currently want. Or you could have whatever God's planned, which may or may not include what's in your head.

[awkward silence]

ME: I'd trust God. But I might throw up a little.

Speaking of Vomit...

A little boy threw up on the bus. I wanted to hug him.

A grown man spit in the subway. I wanted to push him onto the tracks.

Speed without Keanu

I need to learn to read at a speaking pace.


Funny how I'll give away the "fat" clothes but not the "skinny" ones. Being a girl is rough sometimes. I once had a size 4 skirt beside a size 13 skirt in my closet. Neither fit. I got rid of the larger one.


Batman on the red carpet would be amazing.

Captain Obvious

I have a very active brain life.

Nadine will be back to blogging shortly. She'll read this, be shocked at the unauthorized revealing of her deepest darkest drafts, and will most likely delete this. She's like that. Sometimes.

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