Sunday, June 07, 2009

Itchy Fingers

I have a friend who uses the term "itchy ovaries" when discussing the proverbial biological clock.

I use the phrase "itchy fingers" to describe the need to sit at the piano and play.

After an entire day of music and sunshine yesterday, I awoke this morning with this song* echoing in my head:

Okay, and maybe this one** too:

I spent quality time with Doug the Piano this evening (I rarely call him Doug, but I'm pretty sure that's the keyboard's name). Not quite the same as a full band, with thousands singing in unison, but it satisfied my itch.

*The video is misnamed. It's "Inside Out."

Aside: I have now seen Brooke Fraser three times in 13 months. (Yesterday was the first time with Hillsong United.) This is a record I'm extremely proud of. Love her. Click here for the blog post with "Desert Song" in it. Yep, she sang it last night. And it was breathtaking.

**If you really want to know what yesterday was like, imagine Song #2 being played by the folks in Song #1. Because Smitty wasn't there. But his piano-playing makes me happy. Yes, I'm slightly stuck in the early '90s.

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