Wednesday, May 06, 2009

YouTube Wednesday? Cover Me

I have ideas for approximately 35.8 blog entries swimming in my head. But I'm having a hard time carving out the time needed to eloquently express why Aladdin is better boyfriend material than Prince Charming. In the meantime, let's cheat and listen to other people cheating, shall we?

I love covers. I hate covers. I once shocked an adorable group of 8-year-olds by mentioning that Lenny Kravitz didn't write "American Woman." (I also had to tell a teenager that Cobain was dead. Truth hurts, kids.)

Some covers are cute. See Colbie Callait's "Kiss the Girl."
Some covers make me hate my ears. See Ashley Tisdale's "Kiss the Girl."
Both are completely unnecessary.

Oh, and I won't be posting Whitney's version of "I Will Always Love You." Or Aretha's "Respect." Because they're too obvious. Too awesome.

Better Than the Original: U2 and "Helter Skelter"

Every time I listen to "Rattle and Hum," I regret the year of my birth. Why am I not older, looking back on the tour of a lifetime? WHY WAS I NOT THERE?

"Burning Up": The Veronicas Cover the Jonas Brothers

It must be rough to be a Jonas. Especially the old one. He didn't make People's Most Beautiful People issue. But his brothers did. And now I'm claiming that two chicks could replace them.

Kevin, keep your chin up. Christian Bale wasn't on the list last year. Clearly People staffers have a pretty complicated selection process that doesn't take physical appearance into account. Not enough 14-year-olds scream over you. That's all. You're borderline too-ancient-for-Disney (having survived puberty -- just wait until your cute siblings start sprouting all kinds of awkwardness), and you escaped adolescence without having dated Miley Cyrus. Consider yourself blessed.

Switchfoot are "Crazy in Love"

This is how I like my Beyoncé. Without Beyoncé.

Travis Does Britney

It's a decent pop song, folks. Admit it.

Um.... Paul Anka vs. Nirvana

I'm torn. I love Anka. I really do. And Cobain and I have a complicated relationship, a half-love based in legistlated nostalgia. I'm not sure if this combination is brilliant or contrived by Satan.

Possibly the Worst Cover Ever?

I had no idea AC/DC was so sacred. But this makes me weep for future generations that may not hear the song as God intended.

Celine, step away from the microphone.

Bonus: Shatner does "Rocket Man." You're welcome.


Walking Church said...

I am trying to clean out my ears and pull out my eyes after seeing and enduring Celine and Anka - it is worst than wearing 'white' after Labour Day....aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh (in fetal position - rocking back and forth...)

mike said...

nadine there is eclectic & then there is...
U2 & Helter Skelter works
Veronicas make Jonas Brothers palatable
Beyonce without Beyonce is the way to go
Travis is a lot better than Britney
I like Anka, but not doing Nirvana
Celine & AC/DC that is just wrong... on every level
& then there is Shatner...'nuf said