Monday, May 25, 2009

God, I'm Lonely

Art at the Steam Whistle Brewery

Sometimes I listen to my iPod on shuffle instead of, A, creating playlists of awesomeness, or, B, making a real decision as to what I feel like hearing. It's a great way to discover never-listened-to tracks on half-loved albums. But sometimes the random order will mess with my mood. I'll be bopping down the street to a fun little rock tune when all of a sudden-- WHAM! --William Fitzsimmons breaks my heart with his soulful lament: "Oh, God, my bed is empty."

I dedicate this photo to him.

A little Willie Fitz sadness for your evening. Divorce ballads are the saddest of them all.

I would like to give that man a hug.

1 comment:

Beth said...

he gets me EVERY TIME. i can hardly handle it. so melancholy, so heartbreaking, so beautiful!