Friday, May 01, 2009

Redecorating Daydreams

Disclaimer: I live in the city. But want my place to feel like the country. Or a cottage. I make no apologies for the lack of urban sleekness. Nothing stark and modern, thanks. I want cozy.

Home Office

I'd like to write here. I have the wire basket. And wooden chair. Now I need a cushion. And desk.

I wouldn't mind some sprawling desk space. That's open and airy and inviting. With floor-to-ceiling windows. (Time to ditch the IKEA-dorm-desk situation, Nadine.)


I need more color in my bedroom. I already have the slippers.

Note to self: Decorate with books and fire.

I have a wrought-iron single bed. Painted white. The quilt on my bed is 30 years old. And is disintegrating. Time for something new. That still looks old.

I want cowboy boots. And maybe wallpaper.

My landlords might not want me installing beams.

Now would they want me building a brilliant brick wall. But how I heart chandeliers....

source: decor8 & country living. and probably pottery barn.
and some are complete mysteries, saved on my computer years ago.


Walking Church said...

Ya just need a gun rack for the wall and the chevy...giggling here in Belmont.

Laura J said...

Lovely, lovely decor! not to correct the writer or anything but I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be 'wrought' iron which is one of my favourite things.

nadine said...

You're soooo right, Laura. Total brain fart on my part.

Correction made :)

Julia said...

This made me LOL, partly because it is funny because it is true and partly because anyone who knows you well knows that it will take years for you to purchase all of this dream decor.
And that is why I love you!