Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random Saturday Musings

I Beg to Differ

this is my heart. it is a good heart.

I'm by no means an accomplished songwriter, but I am super-confident that most people have had a song written about them. Not necessarily a love song, but a song nonetheless. And most of these songs will never be played for an audience. Unless that audience is Boy Behind the Wall. I'm pretty sure he stays up late, his ear against the wall, listening to me play.

J'aime Lire

Note to self: read Enid Blyton in French.

Truth On TV
There is a thin line between love and hate, and it turns out that line is a scarf.

~Rachel, Friends
Skinny Me

I stepped on the scale this morning. I must have reset it when cleaning yesterday, as it displayed my weight in kilograms instead of pounds. For a moment, I thought I had lost 70 pounds overnight. Diet secret of the stars.

The Sound of Silence

This movie was not "magical." It was psychological torture. I watched it in high school with a girlfriend. Our friendship was unique in that every single movie night we held was guaranteed to feature the worst movies ever made. This was one of them. Maybe it was because my friend's parents were divorced and it hit too close to home. Maybe it's because I find the silent treatment both cruel and unproductive. I don't know.

I also don't know why the film popped into my head today. But it did.

Why Does it Look Like a BOMB?!

There are no words. Okay, maybe one: INSANITY. Girls, a timer on the bra solves nothing. Wearing your desperation will never be trendy.

Swim Like It's 1960

I need a new swimsuit. Preferably one that doesn't make me do the self-loathing dance in the fitting room. I'm not-so-secretly hoping my Mad Men infatuation will translate into my swimwear. And that a lifestyle of poolside cocktails will follow.

Jesus Forgives, Right?

I'm skipping church tomorrow so that I can sample beer at the Steam Whistle Brewery before listening to opera at St. Lawrence Hall. Would Jesus drink beer on a Sunday morning? Maybe.


Walking Church said...

Might all depend if it is BYOB (Bring your own Beer) or BYOBJ (Brew your own beer Jesus).

I think He is more of a vine guy.


Some daze it makes more sense to forsake (Brews..He Brews that is)

nadine said...

Like Jesus, I prefer the grape.

Walking Church said...

I am a red guy myself - pun intended!