Tuesday, May 19, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Newsies Forever

ME: Not enough of my friends appreciate Newsies.
JOEL: How many would be enough?
ME: 95%.
I weep for today's youth. They will only know Christian Bale as a star. They didn't get to embrace the quirky career before the cape. And when they do discover his earlier gems, they'll view them as before-he-was-famous flicks, not as priceless treasures independent of his recent success.

Best call to strike in a Disney film: "The World Will Know"

Best evidence the director/choreographer was taught by Gene Kelly: "Seize the Day [Reprise]"

"Best" use of Bill Pullman's vocal cords: "King of New York"

My best friend and I used to call cute boys "muckety-mucks." A reference to this song, not the actual definition of the word. Did I ever mention that I was really cool once upon a time?

P.S. This scene is why I didn't buy Bill Pullman as president in Independence Day.

P.P.S. Robert Duvall is also in the movie. He does not sing or dance. Disappointing, really.

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