Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Another "stuff" post. 'Cause I like stuff.
  • This article makes me giddy. If you haven't seen Julie & Julia, I highly recommend it. Not only will it desensitize you to the boiling of live lobsters, it will inspire your inner blogger. Book deal, here I come!
  • Liv Tyler and I could be twins. I pretty much wear this exact outfit every week. Minus the sunglasses.
  • Read Sex God. I'm serious. I keep trying to quote from it, but I can't. Because I end up wanting to transcribe the entire thing. It is a little awkward to bring up in conversation, though. "So I was reading Sex God last night...."
  • I received a sad email recently, one that hinted at a young marriage in significant trouble. Maybe they need to kiss more. Or better. (The Onion rocks.)
  • Why is everyone talking about the darkness and goriness of District 9? I thought it was excellent storytelling, evenly paced with solid action sequences and heartbreaking character development. I wasn't even slightly disturbed. Which now disturbs me. Quick, someone reassure me that it's completely normal to not freak out over exploding humans.


Vanessa said...

*gasp* I believe it's LIV Tyler. Not Liz.

2. Sex God = ew. I can't read Rob Bell. He's too...I dunno. Well, I do know. But I'm not going to go into it on a blog comment.
I would like to see District 9.
Speaking of numbers, I finally got around to seeing 7 pounds.
I liked it. It was unpredictable which I thoroughly enjoyed.
And it made me cry. But that's not hard to do when you've had less than 4 hours of consecutive sleep for over 3 weeks now. Gotta love the newborn sleep deprivation.

nadine said...

It IS Liv. I think I was having a Liv Tyler vs. Liz Taylor moment. All is now corrected. Thank you.

I think I appreciate Rob Bell's use of the sentence fragment. A man after my own heart :)

(But I'd love an expansion of your "ew" comment sometime. Now I'm curious.)