Saturday, August 08, 2009

Saturday Stuff

This is sort of my Friday, as yesterday was filled with the sorts of fun distractions usually reserved for the weekend. So I'm writing. And planning. And attempting to be productive.

So here's some random stuff to keep you occupied while I pretend to be a writer:

Yes, there's an animated bird on his hand.
And people are dancing in the street.
I'm still obsessed with this movie.


mike said...

I like the t-shirt that was on the same page

Silas said...

except that the guitar chords for being a "rock star" are actually wrong! they don't make any sense!!

nadine said...

Dad, I saw that shirt. And thought of you :)

Silas, you're 100% correct. I do know D, G and A. Really. Somebody needs a new chord chart. Clearly.

Karen said...

Word on [500] Days of Summer! I can't stop thinking about it since watching it a couple weeks ago. Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt are enchanting.

Have you seen Brick?