Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cottage Gal

Every once in a while, I grow concerned that my city-girlness is reaching the point of no return. I worry that I'm climbing the ladder of higher and higher maintenance, and that one day I'll be incapable of functioning without eyeliner, hairspray and laptops. But all it takes is a weekend away to reassure myself that I can still wash off the makeup, jump into a lake late at night, burn to a crisp while writing by hand on a quiet dock, and share my heart at 2 a.m while mosquitos suck my blood. I can swap out the aspartame habit for a cold beer in the hot sun. I can consume my body weight in potato chips. I can play rowdy games, lip-synch to Bon Jovi (Nadine's hair + lake water = Bon Jovi's mane), make faces at a cute vomiting baby, and eat that smore that fell on the ground. With no hesitation.

You can take the girl out of the city AND you can take the city out of the girl. So good to know.

Dear Julia's cottage, I think I love you.

And because it's YouTube Tuesday, here's Bon Jovi at his best. We're practically twins.

P.S. I caught a fish. And put him back. Then caught another....

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