Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to Pick Up Girls

I was walking down the street. In a dress. A man approached me. An older, slightly scruffy gentleman with a European accent. Because I was listening to my iPod, he had to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention.

"Excuse me. You have no idea how elegant you are. Here's my email. I want to show you how desirable you are, too."

With that, he handed me his card.
Make your next sexual experience a sensual adventure.
I smiled, took the card and thanked him. Because I could think of no other appropriate response. I don't hit strangers. Unfortunately for him, I rarely email them either.

Oh, Pavel the Lover, thanks for giving me a great story to tell. Good luck with the ladies.*



Tim said...


This guy is stealing my move!

Not Cool.

SNS said...

Cool Down

nadine said...

I know, Tim. That's why I was so good at turning him down. I've done it before.

It might be time for something new.

Julia said...

OMG that did not happen, you are so gracious!

Anonymous said...

toronto is the hardest place in the world to meet opposite sex
but pavel has guts to be turned down
and yet i still get laid
thank you dimitri