Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How to Lose a Camera in Two Days

No wonder my camera didn't want to leave.

I bought a digital camera before heading west. I had quite the delusions of photography grandeur. On the second day of my adventure, my cousin Sarah and I headed to Banff. It was gorgeous. The day was perfect. And my camera loved it. So much so that it decided to stay there.

When we arrived back in Calgary that night, I couldn't find my camera. Anywhere. I searched my purse three times (yes, praying that God would make it appear somehow). I checked the car twice. Nowhere. I don't really recommend ending your day with a piece of expensive technology deserted in the vast unknown of Western Canada. But there was nothing I could do. Instead of panicking, I took a deep breath and went to bed, promising to retrace my photographic steps in the morning.

Both Sarah and I thought the same thing: the camera store. My camera had been draining batteries quite impressively, so we checked out other battery options at a little shop on Banff Ave. At one point, I took out my camera to look at camera bags. When I went to the counter to look at chargers, I must have put it down. Of all places to lose a camera....

So I called them. And, as suspected, the Canon was there, comfortably at home with its "people." After a bit of phone/text tag, I was able to give them the address I was going to be at in Vancouver and told them to bill my MasterCard. So my only real expense in Banff was to have my camera shipped to me. (Because of their incredible service, that camera shop is now my favorite camera store ever. I highly recommend leaving your valuables there).

Camera math: I tracked down my camera on the Tuesday, it was sent out on the Wednesday, it was shipped to the Calgary depot on the Thursday, Purolator didn't ship on Good Friday or the weekend....

It arrived in Vancouver on Easter Monday, an entire week after neglecting it in the mountains. So while it was so exciting to see it again, I only have photos from the first and last days of my adventure. Fortunately, I have friends who have cameras and who took rather excellent pictures. And who didn't mind uploading/emailing their shots for me.

Moral of the story: Befriend photographers. Make sure your camera case has a strap. When all else fails, draw pictures.

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michael lewis said...

Don't forget your $30 Sulphur Mountain Gondola ride!!

When I lived in Canmore, it was free to ride the gondola down.

One would see a lot more people hiking up Sulphur, just to get the free ride down.

I have a friend (from bible college days) who quit coffee while living in Banff. She did Sulphur in just under 45 minutes. Wait....maybe that was when she discovered expresso...