Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Blog. And Keanu Reeves.

Last weekend, I saw a play. I love live theater. It inspires and energizes me. But the thing I walked away with most wasn't from the show itself; rather, I was completely amused by a poster on display in the theater's lobby. My comment on it even made it to a friend's Facebook wall:
"I guess you don't age if you never move your face."
-- Nadine Bells on Keanu Reeves
So I blogged about it. But not here.

I now contribute to MovieZen's blog.
Head on over to read my musings on Keanu's Secret.


Beth said...

look out fame, nadine bells is taking over!

seriously. how am i supposed to keep up when you are writing for two other sites!? now i will miss out on your wonderful observations.

this one was genius, by the way.

nadine said...

Thanks, Beth.

I'll try to update links from this site to the other ones. So you won't miss anything.