Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Me & Indiana Jones

That summer blockbuster season is quickly approaching. Which means I'll be up for plenty of movie dates (Not necessarily "date" dates. Platonic is cool, people. So call me) and solo screenings. Naturally, The Dark Knight is at the top of my list. (Are you shocked? If you are, you don't know me. Nor have you read much of this blog.)

Actually, the list is pretty long. And only the above mentioned has Christian Bale. But one of the most intriguing has to be the return of Indiana Jones. Because they've been talking about it for, uh, two years short of forever. Unfortunately, they talked about a Simpsons movie for a good decade, and when it finally surfaced last year, it didn't really rock anyone's world. But at least with Indy, I can hope for B-movie fun, with Cate Blanchett throwing around a ridiculous-yet-still-perfect accent and Shia LeBeouf hoping to catch some of Harrison's coolness by osmosis.

I blogged about this long-awaited reunion here. So go read it. Because you love me. Hopefully slightly more than you love Mr. Jones (although it's understandable if it's a tie).

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