Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jesus and Superbad

Church was awesome today. Seriously awesome. Not that it's usually sub-awesome or anything. But today, everything just made sense. In a fresh way. And for a sermon series called "Superbad," sin wasn't made scary, nor was it sugar-coated. I've never really thought of sin as a response to a God-given need before....

People sin because they want something, and they are afraid goodness won't get it for them.
~Barbara Brown Taylor

You can check out Joel's sermon (Bruxy's off for a bit) here.

This is what he opened with. I laughed. Out loud. Many times.

I also appreciated the idea of letting each other off the hook. It's not a negative thing. Because, really, if your friend's hanging from a hook, you should help him down.


Silas said...

hey I figured you would be one of few people I could correct like this: you used the wrong version of "you're" in that last sentence :)

unless you had other intentions about that usage.

nadine said...

Haha. Thanks, Silas. Even an editor needs an editor :)

All is now updated. And correct.