Saturday, January 12, 2008

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Write Me a Song

She said write me a song
One that makes all the girls cry

I’ve had two lines of Edwin McCain’s “Write Me a Song” looping through my head all day. It’s a pretty heartbreaking song, actually. But the chorus captures one those vulnerable moments we girls can’t admit to too often. Too often might equal pathetic. Or sappy. Or desperate. *Sigh*

The chorus in its entirety:

She said write me a song
Fill it all up with words
Like brilliant and heavenly
Make it sound just like me
Just like the first time I love you was heard

And now write me a song
One that makes all the girls cry
And the old women swoon
At the sound of my tune
And the hearts of the lonely will fly


“Come back to me.”

I saw Atonement. Honestly, I was disappointed with the last 10 minutes of the film. Up until then, I was pretty sure it was the most amazing movie ever. And then I sort of lost interest. The ending just didn’t work. I mean, plot-wise, the ending was genius. But the director seemed to drop the ball. Or the screenwriter. Something that should have been powerful and heart-wrenching was too tacked-on. Maybe it’s just me and my heart of stone. It almost makes me want to see it again and give it another chance.

I was on edge the entire time. It’s not the typical period-piece experience for me, but that magical score had me anticipating absolute devastation from the opening scene. I don’t even know how to explain the plot to you. False accusations. Betrayal. Lust. Pain.

Back to the score. Watch the trailer. Listen carefully. It weaves in and out of the scenes as though the characters were creating their own soundtrack. The typewriter becomes the percussion. Brilliant.

And I heart James McAvoy.

P.S. Stay away if you can’t handle a pretty intense love scene. Or if you are offended by Keira’s boniness. She needs a hamburger.

Same Blog, New Name

Thanks to a blog-title generator, On Her Toes should be renamed:

Idle Observations of an Insatiable Code Monkey


The Wisdom of Dr. Phil

“If this dog laid on his back and peed on his face, he wouldn’t know where it was coming from.”

Kate the Great

Katie Holmes is gorgeous. She has incredible style. I want her hair. But there’s something about the way she speaks that has me thinking her auditing sessions with the Church of Scientology went horribly awry. (Seriously. Google “Scientology + aliens”).

Her toddler is what?

"She's a very strong woman."

I was 20 months old once. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t very strong. Or a woman.

"She's very smart and strong," Holmes concluded. "And really magical."
Nor was I magical. Yet.

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