Sunday, January 27, 2008

Act Your Age

I was channel surfing yesterday afternoon while writing countless trivia questions about the deaths of pop-culture icons, when the teenybopper in me reared its awkward head. Ellen was showcasing the Jonas Brothers. Why do I occasionally forget that I am no longer 14?

(They’re like Hanson for the next generation. Except waaaayyyy richer. And they’re Christians, wearing purity rings. Which means, again, if I were 14, I would be IN LOVE).

A couple days ago, I was chatting with a friend about growing up and how startling it is to be part 45 and part 15 at the same time. It’s a rather eerie phenomenon, realizing you’re thinking like your grade-9 self around certain men when you generally operate in a much more mature and adult-like manner. But it happens to the best of us. Deep down, I’m still waiting for the cute boy in OAC to notice me. And yet, in my day-to-day life, I’m closer to old woman than I am to Hannah Montana (I even once announced that I was going to adopt Miss Marple's style as my signature look. LOVE the carpet bag).


The New Kids On The Block are rumored to be reuniting. The most shocking part about it is that they called it quits in 1994. I am way too young to have been a fan of a band that hasn’t made music in 14 years (although People claims it’s been 18). Of course, I don’t actually own any of their stuff. I remember wanting a cassette in the second grade, but my dad told me I would regret it (the same reasoning for why I shouldn’t own anything by Billy Ray Cyrus). So instead, I would stare at my friends’ posters, deciding that Joey was more my type and toying with the idea of undoing one of the straps on my overalls too.

I think I should go read classic literature, sip tea and listen to Mozart now. Just to move the aging process along....


Beth said...

i think one of my friends had a joey "ken doll" with a rat tail that you could pull to make longer.

wow. that was a fun memory to relive.

nadine said...

I would have been jealous of your friend.

I remember those dolls. In the Barbie aisle. How I pined.