Sunday, January 27, 2008

Give Life a Chance

I know this story is a little tragic, but it’s so inspiring to me. When I was little, I stood on Yonge St. with a sign that read “Abortion Kills Children,” watching strangers give me the finger, and not understanding why anyone would be angry that I wanted babies to live.

In high school, I wrote an essay about abortion that ended up changing my law teacher’s perspective on the whole issue. I didn’t know this at the time; a friend who was in his class the next semester heard all about my paper’s influence in his life. It was the most humbling and proud moment of my adolescent career.

And then came Juno with its rather precious way of dealing with the to-abort-or-not debate (“All babies want to get borned”).

But honestly, as much as I can preach a pro-life talk, I’m careful to spew out anything that A, would hurt someone who’s been through an abortion (pro-life to me assumes that I value the life of everyone, not just the unborn) or, B, would put me in a cocky “this is what I would do” position. Because I’ve never been there. Just as I’ve never had a gun to my face while being told to renounce my faith. I’d like to think I wouldn’t do it, but I’m human. It would be unwise to throw around the self-righteous babble.

A woman was told she had cancer. She needed treatment. But she was pregnant. Treatment would kill the child; postponing the treatment would kill her. She chose the life of the unborn over her own. I only pray I'd have the courage to do the same.

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