Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In my high school yearbook, I wrote that my future aspiration was "to hang with Christian and Heath."

"Heath Ledger found dead."

I'm numb. In shock. So much brokenness.



michael lewis said...

For someone who appeared to have control of his fame, it will be interesting to learn of this woe as the story unfolds itself.

Beth said...

wow. i just learned this via facebook (isn't that twisted). i knew you'd have something posted...i agree. with you. 'so much brokenness.'

were he and brad renfro friends, do you think?

nadine said...

I found out about it over facebook too. (A friend messaged me. It wasn't just all the status reports). It's the new grapevine.

I don't know if they were friends, but apparently Heath had a little-known history of drug abuse.

This article from a couple months ago is pretty telling: