Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dream House

Abandoned houses. I love them. My dream home is the old boarded-up mansion in It's a Wonderful Life. I can't explain it, but there's something both sad and promising about the derelict. I want to renovate. Rejuvenate. I want to put the charm and character and life back into places that once meant something.

I love this story. A neglected (but not abandoned) mansion in the Bronx is getting some love.

Oh, how I would love you too, you big beautiful masterpiece.


Anonymous said...

Oh, when you do find the perfect house to fix up, call me and I will come join you! I have some know how and lots of enthusiasm.

--Stephanie W, California

nadine said...

I have no know how, just vision, so you'll be much needed, Stephanie :)

Besides, you're my favorite Californian. My house is gonna need some sunshine influence :)

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