Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back to Marshmallows

I'm pretty good at being poor.

When I was in university, I had no money. I was a scholarship kid, letting random organizations financially reward me for being smart. My first year ended up costing me a total of $63. This included my phone bill. I've never been handed fistfuls of dollars by mommy and daddy or trust funds when times got tough.

(I'll never let my mom live down the summer she sent me $20 when I had a mere $13 left in my bank account. On the bright side, I lost 5 pounds.)

When I was in my third year, I was broke. Really broke. No one knew, because there was no need to stress people out when I wasn't stressed out. God provided. I didn't starve. And I graduated. Happy ending. The only notable moment of poverty-induced unhappiness was a trip to my local grocery store. I was craving sugar. Desperately. It was nonnegotiable: I needed my fix. And I wanted a lot of it.

Sugar is expensive and unnecessary. It's the first thing I'm cutting out of my current shrinking budget. And I understood that then, too. But I needed that quick high. Must have been essay-writing time.

So I bought the largest bag of no-name marshmallows I could find. Pure sugary goodness.

Watch these kids. I understand their pain. Sometimes you just need a marshmallow.

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.


Vanessa said...

Ahaha...that's hilarious. I had actually HEARD of this test, but I didn't know there was a video for it (but you would, wouldn't you? :D).
Kids are so cute.
PS I just ate like 7 Timbits.
I had a sugar craving. :)

mike said...

that was also the summer, that you choose Shakespeare over eating

Beth said...

my absolute favourite is the boy with the little stripe square on his shirt.

(ps - does it count if i repost brilliant things like this from you? ;)

Walking Church said...

You can join my family for supper anytime!

nadine said...

Beth, you can re-post the video. Just don't plagiarize the blog content. That's cheating :)

And, Dad, I would still choose Shakespeare over food. I have priorities.