Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pink Snow

I got caught in a painful bluster of snow on my way home today. I couldn't see where I was going. My face ached. I thought I turned down my street. I did not. I was still three streets away.

I'm safe inside now. And dry. And fed. My first-ever eBay bid was successful and a digital camera is on its way. I think this thing called "online shopping" might take off :)

I'm in a February frame of mind. Which means I'm partially frozen, dreaming of hibernation, and slightly craving pink things.

Ridiculous pink idea of the day: I should buy Betsey Johnson's place in New York (Can't be that hard to secure a $3.6 million loan). I may be at the only time and place in my life where I can justify ├╝ber-girlie decorating. Because there's a semi-decent chance that I won't live alone forever (Please, God. Hint, hint). And I wretch at the idea of feminine, floral master bedrooms. If a guy lives there, it should look like it (and not just evidenced by his dirty socks on the floor).

Check out the pinkness:

I bet I could write a pretty great chick-lit novel in that place. Curled up on my sofa in monogrammed velour lounge wear, I'd be scribbling down witticisms and typing the winter blues away. And I would host legendary Valentine's Day bashes. I would probably buy a kitten and name it Meg Ryan. No, I'd buy two: Harry and Sally. And I'd start getting weekly manicures. I might even wear heels on the subway.

P.S. For those new to the world of Nadine, don't worry. Or vomit. I'm more of a farmhouse girl. Or country cottage. I don't do pink carpet. With or without a man, I'd probably spend my $3 million elsewhere.

P.P.S. Heels + public transit = premature death.


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine that you would be scribbling down lonely witticisms. Perhaps your chick-lit novel would appear in grocery stores everywhere? Maybe even rise to a best seller among the ever elusive, slightly obese, nicotine addicted, desperately unhappy house-wives? Maybe you'll even call it Emma, or Mansfield park.

nadine said...

Oddly enough, the heroine of my tale is a chubby, neurotic, almost ex-smoker named Emma Mansfield.

She's obsessed with Darcy McFirth.

The checkout line is my demographic. You were right on the money.

Jelena said...

Pink snow would be particularly fitting today.

I've grown too comfortable as "student". These days, I marvel at stilettoed women braving the barely visible sidewalks!

liza said...

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