Sunday, February 03, 2008

Apartment Love

My apartment has had quite the weekend. As have I. Friday night was a late one, as I hung out with my friend and her husband in my tiny abode until 3:30 or so before converting my living room into the guest suite. It’s official: my floor space is the exact shape and size of a queen-sized air mattress.

Saturday morning came far too soon. Post-breakfast, we went separate ways; they to a wedding, I to a family get-together.

My family doesn’t need a Family Day to find a reason to pile into someone’s home for a potluck meal and gift-opening. So every January or February, my mom’s side celebrates all the post-Christmas, pre-Easter birthdays. Mm, birthday cake.

Instead of just dropping me off last night, my mom decided to stay over. My Bed & Breakfast had its most successful weekend yet. Of course, it was another late evening, so while I loved my time with friends, family and Mom, I’m a little spacey at the moment. I’m anticipating a Super Bowl party to start blaring from behind my bedroom wall at any moment. Perhaps I, too, will sleep in the living room of luxury tonight.


michael lewis said...

Down with football!

I also suppose that a new-to-me Simpsons may not air this evening.... :-(

michael lewis said...

Sorry, I should have added the adjective "american" to verb/noun football.

Because real football is awesome!