Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"It's either marriage or new gloves. You choose."

You learn something new every day. Apparently. This is what I learned yesterday:
“Then, in 1228, a law was passed in Scotland, giving women the legal right to propose to an unmarried man (on a leap day). Should he refuse, legally, she could claim a new gown or a pair of gloves in addition to a cash payment of one pound — and one pound in those days was a lot of money.”
I had no idea that this Friday I have a free pass to propose to someone. An unmarried someone (which means I have to eliminate married men from my list of possibilities). Typically, I wouldn't consider it (I'm from the John Eldridge school of dangerous men rescuing princesses), but since a rejection would equal fashion AND money, it might be worth the awkwardness. Of course, for those who've never gone shopping with me, I will warn you: finding a gown that rocks my world will be tricky. You may decide to marry me after all. Which would make it win-win. I win (I'm not rejected) and you win (you don't have to dress shop).

Hmm. Who to choose?


Silas said...

given the right to scope people out! uh oh... haha.

Beth said...

all good ideas originate in scotland.

i've been debating myself...who do i propose to!?

i didn't know about the gloves deal though. i like that.