Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy February

February isn’t off to the most promising of starts. My annual review, scheduled for today, fell victim to inclement weather and had to be postponed. Out of sheer boredom and snowstorm-related depression, I consumed copious amounts of caffeine throughout the day and will probably not sleep until March. And my dinner guests are now going to be midnight-snack guests, as they’re still on the highway and it’s after 11pm.

Someone at work mentioned that February must be especially depressing for single orphans as they are forced to endure the double hit of loneliness that comes with Valentine’s Day and Family Day. Since I still feel too young to go to singles’ events (I was invited to one, but I have a secret fear of divorced middle-aged men on the prowl, Christian or not), I figure I can’t quite justify crying into my Haagen-Dazs yet. Not that I won’t be eating Haagen-Dazs. Maybe the tears will come next year. The big 2-5. And I have a pretty cool family. I’m more concerned with avoiding depression the other 27 days of the month.

So in an effort to stay upbeat and focused on the light at the end of the tunnel that is spring, I’m going to intentionally seek out happy posts this month. February will be dedicated to all people/places/things that make me smile.

Ooh, they’re here! Yay for sleepovers in ultra-tiny apartments. Things are looking up already.

And I shall leave you with January's musical discovery. If there are any Josh Ritter fans out there, he’s coming to Toronto in early March. I may be looking for a date. Just to warn you.

*Yes, I'm aware he sings, "I love the way she looks in her underwear." I'm just thankful she's wearing some.


michael lewis said...

ha ha! She's wearing underwear!

That's priceless!

Takes me back to the Family Values class I had to take twice in bible college (I failed it the first time for some reason....I didn't write the paper).

Christianne Burrage said...

wouldn't it be 28 days? it is a leap year this year.

nadine said...

There are 29 days of Feb., but I'm not counting Valentine's OR Family Day. Which makes it 27 of non-special days. Unless I count Groundhog Day. Then it's 26...