Monday, September 18, 2006

Time for a Story

It’s Sunday and it’s not raining. And I love walking. Church is over, and I decide to walk home.

This guy starts walking toward me. He yells something out, either, “I like you stay here,” or “I like your straight hair.” Either way, I’m not exactly swept off my feet. I keep walking.

He gets closer. I walk faster. Then he pulls out four shiny watches. Yes, folks. Those “Wanna buy a watch?” people exist, and they’re after me. I guess he was checking out my bare wrists or something.

Since I couldn’t really understand a single thing he said, I just smiled, shook my head and kept walking. All the way home.

That is my story. The end.


michael lewis said...

At least it was only a watch!!!

Dare I even mention what I was offered by some guy yelling at on the street, off-strip, Las Vegas??

michael lewis said...

Yelling at ME. I should proof read before I post.