Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Moonlighting, the Movie and Men.


David: I remember when they told Sylvia Plath, "Hey, Syl, cheer up!" I remember when they told e. e. cummings, "e, baby; use caps!" But did ol' e listen? No. Little n. Little o.

One of the advantages to subtitling for a living is getting an exposure to shows and films I wouldn’t normally see. Of course, this can also be the downside (a tip for you all: Never see Little Man). And while it’s a pain to title because they speak about 30,000 words a second, I’ve become quite the fan of Moonlighting. There’s something about the rapid banter that slays me. Yes, slays me. So when I heard that FOX was promoting a new show of a similar nature, I made a point to watch it. Big mistake.

Standoff is not Moonlighting. There is no banter. There is no wit. There is no overlapping dialogue. There is no Cybill Shepherd. There is no rhyming assistant. And worst of all, there is no URST. The whole chemistry thing is usually do to Unresolved Sexual Tension. If your first episode reveals that partners are sleeping together, the shark is jumped. It’s over. No tension. I don’t care. And did I mention it’s not witty?

Multiple thumbs down.

The Movie

I stood in line for over an hour today. Outside. In partial rain. It was the first day of ticket sales for the Toronto Film Fest and I didn’t want to miss out on the movie I worked on. Not that it’s necessarily going to be the first film to sell out (I mean, come on, Brad Pitt’s coming to TO), but I’d rather be safe. I bought one lonely ticket. I figure that if anyone wants to come, they can pick up their own. I can’t risk the financial loss if my indecisive friends back out.

If you’re coming, let me know. This leads to my next thought…


No, I’m not going to lament the single life in the city. I usually enjoy it. Here’s the issue: There’s going to be a party after the premiere. I’m dateless. This typically wouldn’t be an issue, but considering that the associate producer, sound guy, 1st AD, and one of the lead actors all asked me out on the shoot, I’m really not looking forward to venturing alone into their company. It’s just so weird. It was clearly a process of elimination for these gentlemen. I was the only non-lesbian under 40 working on the film. I’ve got a female friend from college who’s volunteered to come with me, which is great, but I wish I didn’t have to even worry about such things. There should be some database available of really great guys who are willing to be stand-in boyfriends for nice Christian girls who just want to avoid the advances of slightly creepy men. Is it dishonest to keep looking at my watch, mentioning that I’m waiting for my husband? It’s kind of true…

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michael lewis said...

You have brought a smile to my smoke choked face this evening!

I love that line about "waiting for my husband". Not to mention the only under 40 non-lesbian.

Maybe most of those under 40's claim to be lesbian because it's an easier lie than "I'm waiting for my husband"??

Smoke choked = forest fires bring smoke to my medium sized prairie city and block out the sun. They sky is grey. And I constantly want to have something to eat that's been cooked on a bbq.