Sunday, September 17, 2006

TIFF summary

Thanks to the all-weekend partying of the guy in the apartment behind mine, I’m afraid I’m too tired to write a very cohesive summary of the Sleeping Dogs premiere. Hopefully point form will be easier to understand.

  • I’m an “assistant art director,” folks, not a production assistant. This is a very big deal. I can ask for more money next time :)
  • My big-screen debut has me picking at cheesecake in the background of a restaurant scene.
  • The movie was worthy of being proud of.
  • My vomit scene was cut (I made the vomit, I didn’t do the vomiting). The vomit residue, however, was there throughout the film.
  • I am now the proud owner of a Sleeping Dogs trucker hat and soundtrack. I could get used to this thing called “swag.”
  • None of the creepy crew who want to date me made it to the after-party. Which meant that I actually enjoyed myself. Until it rained (I was on the patio).
  • I think I’m officially addicted to moviemaking. I have to do it again.

For those in the KW area, it should be premiering at the Princess Cinema in early October. I’ll keep you posted on details.

I'm off to bed. As long as the guy on the other side of the wall doesn't decide to break out the dance tunes with his buddies (like Friday night). Or the guitar serenades for his girlfriend (last night). Sheesh. Why can't we all have no lives and sleep at night?


michael lewis said...

If I was your neighbour, you wouldn't even know it.

Except perhaps on those infrequent (weekly) weekend evenings where I sit alone with a bottle of Malbec or Shiraz and listen to (I mean sing along with) Pink Floyd albums with the lights out.

It's loud and I don't use headphones.

~drea said...

hey deeners, congrats on the title! Hope you find another gig soon :) Anyways just wanted to drop a ____, hope you're well. :)