Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Right Foot

I love long weekends. These are the highlights of mine:

1. Friday (not quite the weekend): I see a Canadian tour bus with the lyrics to "This Land Is My Land" on it. "No big deal," you're probably thinking, tempted to skip over this part. Wait for it. Canadian celebrities' faces are painted on a map of Canada on the side of the bus. The usual: CĂ©line Dion, Great Big Sea. And...Hocus Pick. Yes, folks. Hocus Pick is on the side of a bus.

2. Saturday: I do the family thing, hanging out at my aunt and uncle's new place. I decide that I prefer decks and open spaces and country air to smog and humidity and tiny apartments. I should have found myself an aggie when I was at Guelph. Oh, and a couple mosquitoes bite me on the heel.

3. Sunday: I go to church with my grandmother. I remember going with her when I was a little girl, sitting in a tiny church that was mostly empty, listening to a pastor I couldn't follow. What a difference the Holy Spirit makes. That same little church has just moved into a brand-new building, and was overflowing the 400+ sanctuary capacity. To think that this stuff happens in the middle of a farmer's field. Awesome. The rest of the day is spent on a deck, in the backyard, and walking around the countryside. See the one-room schoolhouse my mom went to. So picturesque and non-city. I love it.

4. Monday: I can't really walk. I'm having a reaction to those mosquito bites. My right ankle is double its usual size, with painful and itchy blistering bites. I look a little deformed. I feel like such a wimp, being immobilized by a bug.

That was my weekend: Hocus Pick and a deformed ankle. It was wonderful. Too bad I still can't flex my foot.


michael lewis said...

Please explain: is Hokus Pick on tour? I LOVE THEM! How retro!

Secondly, mosquitos? Come on. I thought you were Canadian! You should drink more maple syrup. Or DEET. I always get those two mixed up.

nadine said...

I wish I could explain. I can't. I thought they broke up shortly after I saw them at Pitch (that was grade 9). Which means the bus is either dated, or something's going on I know nothing about.

And yes, mosquitos. Clearly, these particular ones were evil, steroid-enhanced creatures set on destroying my week. I still have a fat ankle. I have DEET and syrup. Maybe I'll market my own elixir.

Beth said...

my mom went to a one room schoolhouse too!!! oh, country girls! how amazing.

sorry your ankle is bunged up.

~drea said...

Deeners have you seen pirates yet? curious to know what you thought. I found the story lacking and a bit sparse, this wasn't a surprise considering the ill-fated fact that all sequels tend to over do themselves in a lame attempt to capture the magic of the original. Having said all that, it was really amusing and quite fun for what it was. Hope you are well.

Ben said...


this is my only way to contact you. In all the cottage hubbub I didn't get your contact info. Can you email it to me please?