Monday, July 24, 2006

Boredom. Absolute Boredom.

I checked my work schedule from home this weekend. I was supposed to subtitle an entire movie today, so I woke up early and showed up with my caffeine at 8am this morning.

Apparently, when LA assigned the project, they forgot that I can’t work on a movie without the movie. I waited for 4 ½ hours for the media to come in. Yes, 4 ½ hours. You can only check your email so many times. I read news headlines, looked at real estate listings, recipes, entertainment buzz, anything to keep me occupied.

I decided to buy my August Metropass during this wait. Shoppers Drug Mart didn’t have them in yet. Instead, I bought dark-chocolate-covered almonds. They were on sale. I ate the whole bag. Not a good idea. So I ended up bored, still waiting, and feeling slightly nauseous.

When the video finally arrived, LA couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t be able to finish it today. This project, if it arrived on time, would have taken about 10 hours. There was no way I was going to stay until 10pm. So I left at 5, promising that I would have it finished before the end of my shift tomorrow.

At least I have work. Only four of us had work today. And three of them were done in two hours. I had nine (with half spent doing nothing).

What did I learn today?

  • Tiger Woods cried.
  • The Hamptons has a ridiculous real estate market.
  • I don’t have enough money to retire. Or live, for that matter.
  • Janet Jackson might want kids. Maybe.
  • I eat when I’m bored.
  • Old instant coffee is disgusting.


michael lewis said...

When I'm bored, I figure it's because reality isn't interesting enough.

Therefore I usually nap.

Napping is:

A: cheap, unlike smoking
B: good for your health, unlike smoking
C: refreshing, like menthol cigarettes

Instead of eating, you could take up napping. Or smoking.

Wait, you're looking for a substitute to eating, right?

pastor mike said...

instant coffee at no time, never, ever, counts as coffee

nadine said...

1. I enjoy a good nap. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at napping in my office chair at work. And the couch is always being used by people who are brought in for testing and interviews.

Smoking costs too much. And is too uncomfortable in the winter.

2. Instant coffee, yes, is gross. But the disgusting factor dramatically increases as it sits all day in the kitchen.

~drea said...

In Korea, instant coffee reigns supreme over all coffee ever created. They even have styrofoamed cups, carefully saranwrapped with that little bit of ass (pardon the english) dusting the bottom. You can find them in most convenience stores labeled, happy mart, or buy the way. Man, I miss my timmy's. Hey, since when do you drink coffee, has the universe imploded without my knowing?...Korea really must be NeverNeverLand... tra la la la doo doo doo dum.

nadine said...

I'm now a social coffee drinker. I was tired of lying when I said, "Let's get together for coffee." Now I can talk the talk :)

I still have no need for my own coffee maker. I'm all about the tea at home.