Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Lake House

Sometimes I suck at being a girl. After church today, I tried to go shopping. I still need shoes. This was my third shoe trip. Again, empty handed. I went on to clothing shopping, and again failed miserably. Shopaholic I am not. Material Girl I shall never be.

To prove to myself that I'm still all girlie and feminine, I went to see The Lake House. Movies always fit. No change rooms, no confusing price tags or cleaning instructions.

The movie could very well have the tagline "True love waits." While it was far from being a great movie, it was a little refreshing for Hollywood fare (as evidenced in my tagline). It kind of reminded me of a Bebo Norman song:

But I will dream of tomorrow
Where the past will not be in my way
Passion lives another day
And I will dream of tomorrow
Where perhaps she'll wait for me

Perhaps She’ll Wait – Bebo Norman

Reasons you may not like The Lake House:

  • Keanu Reeves is the romantic leading man. And apparently is better at fake-crying than he is at fake-sneezing.
  • The whole time warp issue. Unless you’re good at the whole major-suspension-of-belief thing, the plot holes will drive you crazy.
  • Sandra Bullock is looking younger with age. If you have aging issues, you may want to cry.
  • You’re cynical. Or a guy.

Reasons you may like it:

  • You like Bebo Norman songs (see above).
  • You happen to believe that waiting for love is romantic (think Jacob waiting for Rachel twice – we’re talking serious waiting here).
  • You know better than the critics and think Keanu deserves an Oscar.
  • It’s less than two hours.
I'm not sure how many thumbs up I'd give the flick, but it did make me think a little more than X:3 and The DaVinci Code. I was a little disappointed it didn't make me cry. Too many plot holes and not enough character development to move anybody. But the last line was (predictable, yes, but) pretty darn perfect.


michael lewis said...

Bebo Norman??

I like Larry Norman. Is that close enough?

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock eh?

Watching movies with burnt out actors can be somewhat of a surprise at times. Think Kevin Costner in Message in a Bottle.

Oh geez. Just looking up the link on imdb, I see that it was written by Sparks. No wonder the girl I saw this movie with cried through the whole thing. And she was a tough girl too!

nadine said...

1. Larry is good. But very different.
2. Keanu as an architect stretched my imagination as far as it could go. And he was the son of Christopher Plummer. Hardly, people.
3. Sparks movies reduce me to absolute and embarrassing mush. The Notebook does it to me every time. Sobs.

pastor mike said...

Larry is good & better