Sunday, June 04, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand

I just saw X-Men. It was all right. Nothing spectatular. A little cluttered with too many characters. Too big of a story. It tried to be a social commentary, but it wasn't. And you don't get an A for effort in Hollywood.

However, there were some hot girls for the guys to look at, some hot guys for the girls to look at, a bunch of explosions, a few veins popping out of foreheads, a bunch of screaming and kicking, and Hugh Jackman attempts to cry. If that's your kind of thing, you'll love this flick.

Honestly, it probably wouldn't have been that bad if the first two hadn't set the standard high. Instead, insert the Rush Hour director and get a generic action flick with a fuzzy Kelsey Grammer awkwardly running around.

It's better than Da Vinci as there's an actual fun factor. However, if you're looking for a great movie, I still recommend Thank You For Smoking.

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michael lewis said...

Maybe Jackie Chan should have been The Beast. ??

I'm with you on that, it was cool for what it was, but it was disappointing if remembering the first two installments of the franchise.

And what was with Scott Summers/Cyclops? Geez, I saw an interview with James Marsden, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and perhaps a few more. Or maybe less. Maybe it was Famke Janssen and James Marsden. That doesn't matter, the point is this: why was anyone interviewing him? I think I saw the gaffer (by accident) more than I saw Cyclops. He had what, 1 scene? (His funeral doesn't count.)

Forget the story or the comics or whatever the source was, why take two of the coolest X-peoples (Cyclops and Mystique) and kill them off so quickly?

Then I got to thinking, whatever happened to all those other cool X-peoples from the first two movies? I mean, if you're going to introduce a few hundred mutants without names or powers, only to kill them all off on Alcatraz, at least you could bring back the heroes/anti-heroes we all love.

I saw Thank you for Smoking yesterday afternoon. However, the movie was a bit out of focus, so when I went out to tell the popcorn jockey, I missed the part where it shows Nick looking for a smoke while Joey is doing his homework.

Having missed that vital plot point, I was confused about the hospital visit.

As my friend and I were standing outside discussing the film (he really liked it too), the theatre manager came outside. He was smoking. In fact, he was hiding his cigarette, which he had obviously lit and started smoking while still inside the theatre.

I say: "I guess you haven't seen the movie?"

Manager: "What movie?"

Me: "The movie that just finished showing...Thank you for Smoking."

Him: slightly confused "Oh yeah, that. Nope, haven't seen it."

And he's the projectionist!