Sunday, April 23, 2006

the V.I.P. treatment

Today I went to the movies with my brother (It was his birthday, and we saw The Inside Man. I highly recommend it).

The important part of this story is that we had free movie coupons cut from Cheerios boxes. When we got to the theatre, we noticed they had V.I.P screenings listed. I asked if we could use our coupons there, and the wicket girl just shrugged and said sure. So we did.

The V.I.P. theatre has extra-plush seats. And only seating for about 20. It's what you would imagine really rich and famous people might have in the entertainment wings of their estates. There is a coatcheck. They take your concession order so you don't have to stand in line. The washrooms are fancier. They take you to your seat. It's very impressive. All for the price of a box of Cheerios (and I got to eat the Cheerios too). Very worth it.

I could totally grow up to be a Yorkdale snob. Living off the back of cereal boxes.


michael lewis said...

I too have purchased many a box of cereal....just for the free movie ticket.

Enjoy more cereal!

pastor mike said...

you're the movie / film / TV person - but it's when your video-game brother type goes with you that you get the VIP treatment... interesting

Brahm said...

inside man was an awesome movie. my favorite character was the bank robber...