Thursday, April 20, 2006

I take it back.

Okay, so the earlier "frikkin' cool" comment about Dolly Parton was premature. Her book My Life and Other Unfinished Business just tricks you into thinking that she's cool in the first few chapters so that you'll read the rest of it. I got duped. She's married and she sleeps with other men. Apparently God lets her.

And why does every autobiography address the diet of the author as if I want to eat like them? Or even look like them? I have never wanted to look like Dolly, Kirstie Alley or Carnie Wilson. I also take serious issue with "chew but don't swallow" advice. It's called an eating disorder, not a diet.

Moral to her story: Cheat, starve, and surgically enhance yourself. Make up your own religion and set the goal of superstardom for yourself. And it's totally okay to get your tubes tied without consulting your husband. Live happily ever after.

I'm not one to usually backpeddle, but just because I read the book doesn't mean I endorse it.

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