Thursday, April 27, 2006

The things you can learn for 29¢

I love reading magazines. I inherited this from my father. Scoop, the tackiest (and only) Canadian tabloid, was selling for 25¢ this week (with 4¢ tax). I don't know why. Something about customer appreciation. Well, I fell for its cheapness. And now I'm determined to make it worth my money. I must have learned something within its 98 pages:

1. Brad Pitt has a mohawk. Brad's over 40. Can you say "mid-life crisis?"
2. Robin Williams called Steven Harper a "Bush baby."
3. It's cool to show off your shoulders.
4. Some people, after spotting a celebrity, write into tabloids to tell everybody where the celebrity was seen. I guess it's so I can say, "I ordered the same latte Julia Roberts ordered at the very same Starbucks she ordered it from. Three weeks later."
5. The Friends cast is following in the footsteps of the Seinfeld cast. Nowhere.
6. The term "It Girl" was created to describe Clara Bow in the 1920s. I learned something!
7. This magazine is indecisive. They list the top-26 women of the year (it's only April) followed by 24 runners-up. I think they just found 50 pictures in their archives and thought, "Well, they're all pretty and famous. Maybe we should just make a list of them."
8. Kate Moss was caught on camera with the same handbag SIX times!
9. Lipliner is out.
10. Sharon Stone is insane.

Okay, so it was maybe worth 3¢. I'll try to use some of the pictures in a cut-and-paste project or something. A collage of blonde hair?

At least it has a crossword puzzle.

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