Thursday, April 27, 2006

Describing singleness

I've recently discovered that good does come from reality TV. The unscripted words that come out of people's mouths are brilliant! I was talking about this with Joel yesterday, and we came to the conclusion that if I were to write similar phrases in a script, producers would most likely scrap the lines for being unrealistic.

On American Idol this week, Kellie Pickler was talking about the love song she was about to perform. She sang Unchained Melody (from the pottery-scene in Ghost, naturally, as my generation can't comprehend that good music existed before their lifetime).

Asked if she was single, she replied, "I don't have anybody to play pottery with."

Priceless. Too bad she butchered the song.


pastor mike said...

that's a slightly twisted take on "good coming from reality tv"
but then again there is nothing real about reality tv

nadine said...

A girl on America's Next Top Model said, "I'm intimidated by your ignorance."

I tell you, these people inspire me.