Monday, April 16, 2007

Things to know. If you want to know things.

So my weekend was pleasantly uneventful (translation for most of the world: boring), as I turned down a party invite (drunkenness at the other end of the city isn’t my thing. Actually, drunkenness anywhere is generally not my thing, but adding travel to it only decreases the non-appeal) and opted to laze around in sweats and watch movies.

My dad drives my brother crazy because he can surf the Internet, read a book and flip through channels at the same time. I surprised myself by my own dad-likeness this weekend when I distracted myself from Bull Durham with a cookbook. I tried to stay focused, but The Joy of Cooking was just sitting there. I couldn’t leave it alone. So I don’t really remember a whole lot about the ending of the movie, but I am looking forward to making mini pizzas with Portobello mushrooms….

Yes, my major field trip this weekend was to the library:

  • A Million Little Pieces. Unfortunately, he chose to randomly capitalize words and I’m having a hard time adjusting. I can handle an autobiography full of lies. I just hate screwed-up grammar.
  • Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Because of my grammar obsession.
  • Kate Remembered. I’m already addicted to this one (yes, I have multiple books on the go. Again, like father…). Katherine Hepburn is fascinating. And the biographer allows himself to be self-indulgent and shares the experience of interviewing her instead of just listing her filmography.
  • A couple magazines.
  • The Joy of Cooking.
  • Christopher Lowell, The Hassle-Free Host. Because I’ll host a party one day. And it will be glorious. And hassle-free.

On Sunday, I headed to church. As I got on the bus, the driver gave me a curious look and said, “Where were you last week? It was Easter Sunday.” I had no idea that I was such a memorable passenger that he would be concerned that I missed a week of church. He’s my new favorite driver (British and cool in a Hugh-Laurie-with-less-grumpiness kind of way).

Church was all about zombies. Yes, zombies. Including clips from Night of the Living Dead. It was resurrection-focused and it actually challenged me, which I quite appreciated. What stuck with me the most was that the promise of my own resurrection in the future is so secure that it’s already as true for me as my past is. It’s not a maybe. I’m not going to start talking about it in the past tense, but I could…

I also signed up for a free lunch with the pastor next week. It’s actually a pretty cool idea to have a lunch just for new people, as it’s a pretty big group and it’s tough to connect with people. So at least I’ll finally meet some people and learn more about ministry opportunities there (I noticed that I was the first girl to sign up. I’m liking my odds. Very non-Guelph-like).

I ended up getting the same bus driver on the way home. Very rare. So we did the whole, “See you next week” thing that makes me forget I live in a huge city by myself.

Sylvia is depressing and a little boring (I caught myself thinking, “Just kill yourself already.” And then I felt slightly guilty. Only slightly. But Gwyneth was wonderful). The Upside of Anger was the best of the bunch, except that there is no upside. Kevin Costner was just a slightly younger and drunker version of Jack Nicholson in Terms of Endearment. There’s a surprising twist, but it still wasn’t satisfying enough. It’s essentially an anti-drinking PSA. I would give up drinking, but I already did that last year (sooo kidding. I’ll give it up next year). And as much as I love Joan Allen, even Olive Oyl could develop a pudgy complex after watching too many of her films. Eat. Food. Now. (One of the daughters goes by “Popeye,” making my mentioning of Olive Oyl so much more precious).

Work was a full 10-hour day of subtitling pain today. For some reason, L.A. thought that Filipino subtitlers would be capable of transcribing a film about African-American comics. Yeah right. The rapidity, slang, accents, pop culture references and poor sentence structure makes it impossible for them. So I’m essentially redoing the entire thing. I really need to stop relying on chocolate to get me through the mess. I need to take up a celery habit.


1. The kid from Witness (Lukas Haas) turned 31 today. And I’m the one who feels old.

2. After reading through previous blogs, I would like to clarify: I have nothing against men. Just man-boys. I want a George Clooney, not an Owen Wilson. What is wrong with expecting people to grow up and mature a little?

3. The “thing for Kevin Costner” was a joke. I do have standards.

4. Cool song lyric heard on TV this weekend:

God is great, but sometimes life ain’t good

And when I pray, it doesn’t always turn out like I think it should

But I do it anyway, I do it anyway

Anyway – Martina McBride

5. Now that Prince William is single, I have a slightly greater chance of one day being Queen Nadine. And being British. He’s tall and mature. At least his accent makes him seem mature.

6. It’s free ice cream day at Ben & Jerry’s tomorrow. Go.


Beth said...

good for you, giving up drinking. i am just taking it up.

non-Guelph-odds = good

no one told me about free ice cream day!!! how was it?

also, a certain friend of ours may have recently said, in reference to hugh laurie on house 'if i wasn't a christian, i would have slept with him."

mike said...

so did you get some ben & jerry's - what flavour?

nadine said...

I didn't get any ice cream. I was cold and tired and went home and had salad. It was a good salad, but not comparable to Chunky Monkey or Half Baked...