Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter: My Style

Hey everyone. Clearly, I can't do the consistent blogging thing. I'll try to catch you all up on my weekend.

A side note before I begin: I had no idea that my shopping woes would evoke such a strong reaction from everyone (yes, I received emails as well as comments). I appreciate the offers of stylists and shopping buddies (and may well take you all up on the offers), but please be assured that my rants are merely rants and I don't actually spend my days hating my shoulders or wearing paper bags. I am generally well-dressed and quite satisfied with my figure. And I do enjoy shopping alone and trying on random items as long as there's no immediate event I have to dress for. The end.

My Easter:


I decided to take Thursday off (I had Friday and Monday off - paid even - so I figured I'd take an extra day off and give myself a five-day weekend). So Wednesday evening my dad picked me up, making sure that we arrived in Waterloo in time for me to watch Lost with Joel. I must admit, since revealing Jack's piano-playing ability, I'm even more smitten with Matthew Fox. It's nice to see a real man on TV. I've been very anti-man-boy lately.


It was cold. Dad took the van to Mississauga, so Mom and I did the transit thing, trekking across K-W to the Passport Office. My bones were cold for the rest of the day. But my passport will arrive by the end of the month, which means I can go somewhere. I've never been in a plane. I'm tired of being deprived. I shall fly.

I love hanging out in the kitchen with my mom when I'm home. Thursday was something my mom called a "bean stack" (a layered torilla and bean dish). Then we all watched The Prestige, and stayed up way too late. Because that's what I do when I'm home. I eat and stay up late. Every time. And end up debating whether or not a dinosaur could actually fight a shark.


Mom and I headed to a craft show. We met up with a woman who lived with my family when I was about 10. She looked the same to me. Of course, I'm not quite the 10 year old I was, so there was a little more staring on her part, but all was well. I bought honey-cinnamon butter, and then immediately regretted it because I try to keep sugar out of my house. (That's my version of discipline: Out of sight, out of mouth). Oh well.

Ruth (that's the woman's name) and her friend came over for dinner. I think there was nonstop talking for a good five hours. More good food. And chocolate cheesecake. After they left, my brother brought out Risk and promptly took over Australia before any of us knew how to play. That's one way to win :) The game was short, and followed up with more cheesecake.


I bought two pots and a knife. Because I'd rather shop for my kitchen than for my body. And I got my haircut. For some reason, no stylist can cut my hair short enough. Maybe I should pull a Britney....

Mom and I did some menu planning for the rest of the week, we made lots of food, we ate lots of food, and then we played Risk again. But this time, my dad sat it out, choosing instead to don his Montreal Canadiens sweater and pray for a miracle in front of the TV. It didn't come. At least his pain was eased the next day by the Leafs elimination. Risk took 5 hours. I was begging for someone to attack me. Please, end my pain.


Everyone (including Nathan and his girlfriend, Sam) went to Koinonia. I call it Hillsongs Jr. It was a pretty great choice for Easter Sunday, as it has a pretty vibrant and joyful vibe. Nathan then headed back to Peterborough (he had a presentation Monday), and the rest of us headed home to get ready for our Easter bash on Monday. I think I did the dishes 6 times. We ate homemade pizza in front of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And then Mom beat me at Scrabble. By one point.


Everyone came. A little late, mind you, and 6 people couldn't make it, but 17 members of my mom's side crammed into our house and had a jolly time. Yes, I just typed the word "jolly." Good food, great conversation, more dishes to wash, and the perfect amount of choas that only comes from putting a small crowd of people in a room and letting them all talk at the same time. I think I was part of three conversations at the same time at one point. And then my cell phone rang. There was no one there, so I yelled, "I don't love you" into it and everyone turned and stared at me. That's one way to get everyone's attention. And then I explained to my grandma that it was a wrong number, not an ex-boyfriend.

After consuming plenty of sugar (and more cheesecake), the party started to dwindle, and I headed back to the T-dot, where my fridge was empty and where no one could distract me as I tried to get ready for bed.


Back at work. In my stretchiest jeans while I detox from my recent bout of gluttony. The day was rather uneventful and (thankfully) quite stress-free. This is what I learned:
  • Sleeping Dogs is screening in Toronto this weekend. At the Royal (on College): Fri/Sat/Sun at 7pm, Tues at 9:15. Go see it.
  • Larry Birkhead is the father.
  • You know how Amazon remembers the things you look at? Thanks to the randomness of my job, it currently lists my recent views as:
    • Of Mice and Men
    • Drake's Devil Dogs (yes, the snack food)
    • Donovan's Greatest Hits
    • La Bamba - Trini Lopez
    • Commando Double Stick Strips Accessory (yes, this was work-related)
  • "Milk-chocolate flavored" is not the same thing as milk chocolate. I have never thrown out candy before. So gross.
  • John Travolta has to be wearing a toupee. There can be no other explanation for his mane.
There. You're caught up. I had a fantabulous weekend. My fridge is now restocked. And there are only three days left to my work week. I could get used to this...

"What are you doing and why aren't you doing it faster?" - Joel

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Beth said...

loved this. i always think your family sounds amazingly fun. i LOVED how you answered the phone and had to explain it to your grandma...

also, i practice the same version of discipline: out of sight, out of mouth. if i want dessert, i have to bake it myself.