Thursday, April 26, 2007


April 26th.

  • The 116th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
  • My dad’s birthday.
  • My dad occasionally listens to Gregorian chants.
  • I will not make fun of this, as it is his birthday.

April 26th.

  • Carol Burnett was born in 1933.
  • My dad was born the same day, 12 years later.
  • Carol’s a comedian.
  • My dad dressed up as a clown for my birthday party when I was little.
  • He even wore fake ears.

April 26th.

  • Jet Li was born.
  • Did I mention it’s my dad’s birthday today?
  • Jet Li can kick high.
  • My dad taught kids to kick soccer balls.

April 26th.

  • Count Basie died.
  • My dad doesn’t plan on dying today.
  • Basie was a jazz bandleader.
  • My dad likes jazz.

April 26th.

  • It’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day.
  • My dad has a daughter.
  • She went to work today.

April 26th.

  • In 1966, Steven Truscott’s case was referred to the Supreme Court. His conviction was upheld.
  • He didn’t do it.
  • Neither did my dad.
  • I’ve read a lot of books on Truscott.
  • My dad reads a lot of books.

Happy birthday, Dad. And thanks for the history lesson.


mike said...

Scott pointed out to me [in the comments at] that you can't add & I don't read. My birthday is 22 years after Carol Burnett's

michael lewis said...

Carol Burnett is as old as my grandmother???

I would never have guessed that!