Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The week is more than half over. For this reason alone, I could celebrate. The weather has also been non-painful, which means that I've actually been getting a little exercise. And Vitamin D. So good.

There was a moment at work today when I put my head down on my desk and muttered to no one in particular (and heard by only a few trusted co-workers), "I don't know if I should kill somebody or take up drinking." And then I went back to work. I did not kill anyone. I did have a Jones soda, though. I figure I'll start with the bottle shape and move up from there :)

On a much lighter, non-doomed note, my name is featured in Variety! Okay, so it's just a passing credit at the end of the Sleeping Dogs review (which is a pretty big deal in the first place), but somehow I was credited as the art director. I am considered "above the line." I am no one's assistant. Of course, this title is completely exaggerated (they gave the actual art director the title of production designer), but I'll take what I can get. Man, I should print that out and put it in a portfolio. I made vomit out of soup and bought polyester suits from Value Village. I love promotions that happen after the fact: no added responsibility.

I ended up getting out of work by 3:15, which was a nice way to end my stressful morning. I also finished my spectacular eggplant & turkey casserole I made this week. Maybe I should go to some Martha Stewart academy. And now I'm mulling over Oscar nominations, trying to make my predictions for the office's pool. I won last year and have a handbag named Oscar to show for it. Unfortunately, the bag's pretty much worn out, so I'm feeling the pressure to win again. I'll post my predictions before the awards air.

Why am I still not on IMDb? My dreams are so small....


SSS said...

I think you can add yourself to IMDB.

I'd start here.[]

and look around. A friend of mine added himself and is there now.

SSS said...

Uhhhh. I meant here: