Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I know that single people are supposed to hate Valentine’s Day, but I don’t. I never have. The only semi-annoying memories I have from the day revolve around me trying to get past awkward adolescents making out by my locker in high school. Apart from that, I’m all for the chocolates, the extra love songs on the radio, and the flimsy My Little Pony cards floating around.

Some joys of Singles’ Awareness Day:

  • The “Perfect 10” valentine Ian gave me in kindergarten. I don’t even remember who Ian is, but that card rocked.
  • The construction-paper heart envelopes we made every year to hold our cards and goodies. During class time. Public school rocked.
  • The candygram from Christian Bale.
  • The year I convinced someone that my boyfriend didn’t believe in sending chocolates. I had some sympathy for about five minutes. Until the guy realized that I didn’t have a boyfriend the day before.
  • “Boy Free Since ’83.” I made that shirt in university. I could have made a fortune selling them.
  • Oh, the Campus Crusade Love Panel. So much fun. Too bad I wasn’t on it. The single girl always got scooped up shortly after.
  • The red and pink Smarties box hidden in my luggage when I went to Quebec in grade 8.
  • Candy is pretty. And then it goes on sale.
  • My grandma gave me a valentine on Sunday. Care Bears. It’s a nostalgia hug.
  • Chick flicks are on TV, and I don’t have to worry about comparing the lead with the guy beside me.
  • It’s a quasi-holiday that breaks up the winter. Sure, you don’t get the day off, but the mall makes you feel like there’s a holiday anyway.
  • If you don’t spend the day with a significant other, it keeps the day free from messy memories of Valentine’s being spent with an ex. I’ll never get weirded out by memories of watching TV on the 14th.


~drea said...

I've never been with someone on either my birthday or valentines ... although this year was pretty close.. the curse remains! :)

Beth said...

sooooo good! i like mess-free memories. i also like on sale chocolate. i also like your boy-free shirt. i also like telling someone your boyfriend doesn't believe in sending chocolates. i may try to pull that one tomorrow...

furthermore, it's an unfortunate thing that we didn't have a love panel in my last two years. i did the girls' half of an 'understanding girls-understanding guys' talk last year. i did not get "scooped up" although i did get asked out later that semester.