Monday, February 26, 2007

My Love of Oscar

Okay, so I tied for third in the office Oscar pool. I would have done far better if the person who organized it didn't weight the categories differently. Last year, each successful prediction was worth one point. This year, Best Picture was worth five, smaller technical awards were worth one, and the acting and more prestigious awards fell somewhere inbetween. So even though I picked the surprise win of Marie Antoinette for costumes, I also didn't pick The Departed as best picture. Oh well. I believe the pot was worth a whole $20. I made $26 last year, so I'm still the biggest winner ever.

Some thoughts:
  • The Dreamgirls medley was slightly more interesting than the actual movie.
  • Helen Mirren was smokin' hot. Not just for her age. She rocked that gown. And totally deserved her win.
  • Apparently the Academy is also slightly creeped out by Eddie Murphy (I thought it was just me). Even though he was my pick (I was trying to be strategic; it wasn't a wish list), I was so happy for Alan Arkin. In fact, I bought Little Miss Sunshine today in his honor.
  • I love Ellen. I don't care what the critics say, I think she was pleasantly non-offensive. The awards just felt so grown up and classy. I can hardly remember the year of Chris Rock...
  • Marty Scorsese deserved it.
  • I had no idea Clint Eastwood spoke Italian. And I wouldn't mind a photo of him with me on myspace (Ellen's strength: audience interaction).
  • When did Jack Nicholson first grab that front-row seat? How does he manage to reserve it every year? And what's with his new Britney-esque (read: no hair) 'do?
  • Al Gore has an Oscar. This cracks me up. He was actually one of the most charismatic personalities there.
  • Oh, Ryan Gosling. You didn't win, but Will Ferrell sang to you. And you sat beside Meryl Streep. So really, you did win.
  • I called the screenwriting awards. Now I just need to write something. Or show up on Canadian Idol. But my worst nightmare may come true and I'll have to fend off the advances of Ben Mulroney. So. Much. Gel. (Nah, there's less Ben-hating than there used to be. I think I just want his job).
  • Forest Whitaker thanked God. Jennifer Hudson thanked God twice. I'm glad Denzel's not the only one...

And semi-Oscar-related thoughts:

  • The Independent Spirit Awards were fun. And Ryan won (as did his Half Nelson costar, Shareeka Epps). Best song tribute ever: the Dusty Springfeld-esque "was a crack-headed teacher man." Yeah, go see Half Nelson if you want to see a great indie film.
  • Christian Bale is on the cover of GQ. He'll be at the Oscars one day soon.
  • I swear, people, it's all about Breaker High (Ryan) and Newsies (Christian).
  • I bought Little Miss Sunshine and The Devil Wears Prada today. They were super-cheap at Shoppers Drug Mart. Who would have thunk it?
  • I tried to watch Gone With the Wind yesterday afternoon. But I fell asleep during the opening credits. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I will watch it in 2007. Promise.
  • Today, I discovered that pretty much my entire office has an obsession with Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams. Someone saw Rachel (pink hair and all) on the subway this weekend (she was working in TO), and all of a sudden, everyone has a McGosling sighting. They know where they eat, where they live, where they rent their DVDs. We are a sad bunch. Boys included. At least I fit in...
Since I stayed up way too late last night, I'm aiming for an early night tonight. Around 2 in the morning, a car alarm in the parking lot outside my window went off. It was one that also accompanied a flashing light. Needless to say, I was a bit of a mess this morning.


Anonymous said...

You said that your friend saw Rachel McAdams "in the subway this past weekend (she was working in TO)." Do you mean your friend was working in TO or Rachel. If Rachel, do you guys know what project she's working on there? Her fans really want to know.


~drea said...

i miss the oscars...television...nice people...homemade food...coming home soon...30 days..

nadine said...

jltyler: Rachel's working in TO. And sorry, I have no idea what on. Apparently that's why she was MIA at the Oscars.

Andrea: So soon? That's so exciting. We can watch TV together :)