Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Brain is Tired

I’m not very good at blogging consistently. By the time I sit down at my computer, I’m tired of both computer screens and the thoughts that have been mulling in my head all day. Therefore, my exhaustion robs you of my brilliant insights. I’m also hesitant to write much about other people, as I read this article about a guy who started dating a girl who blogged about her sexual conquests and found himself as that week’s topic of discussion. Not that anyone in my life would have such a thing to fear…

I just wanted to clarify as to why these entries are so Nadine-centered. Besides, it’s my blog. Straight from my brain. I find the “me”-ness appropriate.

Today’s thoughts:

1. Only Rachel McAdams can get away with pink highlights.

2. Thanks to JPod, I’m now wondering about the personal life of Ronald McDonald.

3. If you buy frozen chicken that says “seasoned,” it means that there’s salt added. So don’t add your own. You will be thirsty for the rest of the week.

4. Abigail Breslin brought cookies in her purse to the SAG awards. We would totally be best friends if I was 10. Or if I was 23 and lived in L.A.

5. There’s a lady on the subway who wears the most impractical stilettos every morning. And they click in a way that tells me they’re cheap and uncomfortable. I like my big black winter boots. Super sexy.

6. My hair is growing out, making the unevenness of my last cut incredibly obvious. You know when grade-schoolers decide to cut their own hair? That’s my current look.

7. The blond Bond was quite entertaining. I did find it amusing that the writers, in attempting to redeem some of the predictable objectifying-of-women stuff found in most Bond films, chose to have 007 naked far more often than any of the women.

8. When they say that Pan’s Labyrinth is an adult fairy tale, they mean, “This will scar your children.” And if you can’t stand to watch a man stitching up his own sliced-open face, you shouldn’t go either. Squirming aside, it was pretty amazing.

9. I turned down a month-long trip to the Philippines because I didn’t actually want to work when I got there. My boss first interpreted it as my being scared to go alone. He then interpreted it to mean that I don’t like training in general, and that someone else should take over for me in Toronto as well. Training English majors in Ontario is very different from training quasi-English-speakers in the Philippines. But that’s my boss.

10. I have a new cell phone. So far, it has not randomly died in the middle of a conversation.

11. I would like to be British when I grow up.

12. I check my email too often.

13. Katie Holmes has apparently turned down the Batman sequel. Part of me doubts she was officially offered it. And part of me isn’t really into brainwashing husbands. If I ever marry Tom Cruise, please shoot me. If you can find me…

14. Sometimes I work on really cool stuff at work and I’m not allowed to tell you about it. But most of the time, I work on really crappy stuff and I’m still not allowed to tell you about it. I will say that I worked on Joan Crawford’s last feature film and it was craptastic to the utmost degree.

15. Most touching breakup line ever: “I’ll always remember you as the guy who gave me my first burrito.” Nineties TV rocks.

16. I wish I knew how to play poker. And had poker friends to play with. And was a celebrity so I could play poker with my friends on TV.

17. Anyone catch the musical Scrubs episode? Pure brilliance. Now I want a musical CSI.

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Beth said...

for some reason, your site wouldn't let me comment last week...

a) "i would like to be british when i grow up." - brilliant.

b) you turned down phillipines! you managed to clarify why, so you didn't get demoted, right?

c)did you see what your tagging started? you should follow the tags...