Thursday, March 13, 2008

Going, Going....

Below is a not-so-cryptic clue as to my plans for the next week and half. Pretend I'm a young man and Michael W. Smith is singing about me.

Ignore the interviews at the beginning. The only hidden meaning there is that the early '90s should not be revisited. It gets "good" after the one-minute mark.

The guy in the baggy yellow jacket with the tambourine has my dream job. Oh, that dance (see 3:07). How it makes me happy. So if you're a rock star/pop star/'80s Christian music icon, CALL ME. I'll work for food.

Saturday is Calgary.
Next Wednesday is Vancouver.
I'll be back after Easter.

Seacrest out.


michael lewis said...

Have you been to Calgary? You may find it a bit more suburban than Toronto.

Be sure to say "hello" to your cousin for me. I heard that she's in Calgary, with a family,, but I haven't managed to catch up with her yet.

michael lewis said...

Oh yeah, and Vancouver is terribly awesome!

Do you remember it much from....when was that?...fifteen years ago? Be careful! You may not want to return to down east.