Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Want Red Shoes.

Side note:

I haven’t been very good at blogging consistently, and I feel that too much has happened and too many thoughts have whirled through my brain to adequately catch anyone up. Then again, this is my blog and I’m under no obligation to turn this into a day-by-day journal. In fact, I once thought about starting a completely fictional blog. Could be fun.

Real blog:

I read fashion blogs quite often, so I think I’ll dedicate this particular entry to my life as it relates to fashion. No parties with Vera Wang this week, but I thought about fabric a little:

  • Bruxy (my pastor) wore a jumpsuit today. A prison jumpsuit. In orange.

  • I prayed over a pair of pants this week. Yep. Salad dressing threatened to destroy them. Stain remover didn’t work, and then it started to discolor the fabric. All is perfect now. No thing is too small or unimportant.… (I would also like to give a shout out to the Spray ‘n Wash people. When I’m famous, I will be your celebrity endorser. Along with my deals with All Bran, Dr. Scholl’s, Smarties, and the public library).

  • Re: Concert for Diana: I didn’t catch the whole thing on CTV, but I saw a few sets. I love William (and how he was rocking out: dancing to Nelly Furtado and clapping during Natasha Bedingfield, whom I adore. So many guys think they're too cool to move to music. Which makes them very uncool. Plus, Queen Nadine Elizabeth just sounds right), but I still want Harry’s pink shirt from the Matt Lauer interview. Men, pink is the way to go. Very European. It makes you smarter and more charming instantly.

  • I bought a handbag. I’m taking it back. I liked the color in the store, but next to my actual wardrobe, it looks like an old white bag that’s been stained by years of nicotine abuse. Gross. I don’t have a picture of it. It’s last season’s model, so there are no online pics. Yes, I Googled the thing.

  • Toronto now has a Forever 21. It’s pretty much H&M out of L.A. instead of Sweden. Cheap clothes, runway knockoffs, long lines. And because it’s new, my size is gone in almost every style.
  • I have two new scarves from Kensington Market. I think I collect scarves. I can't help myself. At least I wear them and don't just stash them in a closet. Andrea was my stylist last Saturday and introduced me to my dream pair of jeans. That I cannot afford. And so I will dream of them as I wear my salad dressing-free pants. I wrote down the brand (Fidelity), style and size in case I ever run across a garage sale or something....

  • I need a haircut. I’m thinking of the look below. But with my face. Renée and I both want to be British, so I thought it was appropriate.


Beth said...

a) i have also thought of writing a fictional blog. but i would feel terribly guilty if someone thought it was real.
b) i bought some fantastic shirts at forever 21 in calgary. did you know that all their shopping bags say "john 3:16" on the bottom!? it's true.
c) i also want to be british. or scottish. from any of the isles actually.
d) i like you.

michael lewis said...

I tried on a pair of Fedility Jean Shorts on the Danforth at Body Blue, my friend Sam owns ths store.

They were awesome, but I was attracted to a minor button closure.

When I asked the salesgirl how much they were she said $75, I didn't want to take them off!

For some reason I did, and then looked in at the price tag! $$$$178!!!

Try e-bay!

i have some good red shoes, I just got them...

it's joanne and not Michael btw...but I'm using his computer!


nadine said...

Hey Joanne (c/o Michael)!

The pair I tried on were at Body Blue too! My friend Andrea worked there briefly about a year ago, so we stopped in to say hello. Yeah, I'm gonna have to do some eBay/Google magic or work some serious overtime to justify those beauties. They DO have good end-of-season sales, though.

Now you need to get acquainted with the fashion scene in Lethbridge :) Or be the trendsetter....

Joanne said...

I made a new friend on the weekend, she's a reporter for the Global station in Calgary...she kept going on about how my clothes were

I don't know if I can take the city styles out of me..I like the trendsetter idea.